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Ferrochrome is an iron alloy composed of chromium and iron. It is an important alloy additive in steelmaking. Ferrochrome is divided into high carbon ferrochrome, medium carbon ferrochrome and low carbon ferrochrome according to different carbon content.
Chrome has significant change of steel corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. And help to improve the wear resistance and high temperature strength. Among various kinds of stainless steel, chromium is an essential ingredient. Using chromium stainless steel production volume accounts for over 70% of the amount of steelmaking industry total chromium. Followed by alloy structural steel, the chromium content of the steel is usually lower than 3%.
High-carbon ferrochrome is mainly used in stainless steel production, of which 200 series stainless steel contains about 16% chromium, 300 series stainless steel contains about 25% chromium, and 400 series stainless steel contains about 14% chromium. The 300 series stainless steel with the largest demand for ferrochrome is also the largest proportion of products in stainless steel production.
Low Carbon Ferrochrome mainly used to produce stainless steel, acid-resistant steel and heat-resistant steel.

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FerroChrome  Parameters
No. Product Name Specification Cr(%) C(%) Si(%) S(%) P(%) Size(mm)
1 Low Carbon  FerroChrome FeCr60C0.1 60 0.1 1.0 0.03 0.04
2 Medium Carbon FerroChrome FeCr55C4.0 55 4.0 2.0 0.05 0.05
3 High Carbon
FeCr50C8.0 50 8.0 5.0 0.06 0.06