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Hot rolled steel plate

Hot rolled steel plate is made of continuous casting slab or primary rolling slab as raw material, heated by step heating furnace and rolled by rolling mill into: hot rolled steel plate, hot rolled coil, strip coil, weather resistant steel, etc. Widely used in structural steel, ships, automobiles, containers, containers and other industries. Hot rolled coil is the raw material of cold rolled coil.

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Hot rolled steel plate  Parameters
No. Product Name Specification Yield strength(MPa) Tensile strength(MPa) Thickness (mm) Width(mm)
1 Hot rolled steel plate Q235B Coil ≥235 ≥370 1.8-11.75 1250\1500\1800
2 Straight plate ≥235 ≥370 6 – 60 2000\2200\2500
3 Hot rolled steel plate Q355B Straight plate ≥355 ≥470 6 – 60
4 Hot rolled steel plate 700L Coil ≥650 ≥700 2.5 – 14 1500
The weight of the coil is 27-28 tons per piece,have variety of materials to choose