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Hot rolled rebar

Rebar is a steel bar with a ribbed surface, also known as ribbed steel bar, which is heated by the billet and then rolled into the mill to the required specifications.

Rebar is widely used in housing, Bridges, roads and other civil engineering construction. Large to highways, railways, Bridges, culverts, tunnels, flood control, DAMS and other public facilities, small to the foundation of housing construction, beams, columns, walls, plates, rebar are indispensable structural materials.

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Hot rolled rebar  Parameters
No. Product Name Specification Yield strength(MPa) Tensile strength(MPa) Weight (tonne) Diameter (mm)
1 Hot Rolled rebar HRB400E Coil ≥400 ≥540 2 6.8.10
2 Straight rebar ≥400 ≥540 2 12-50
3 Hot Rolled rebar HRB500E Straight rebar ≥500 ≥630 2 12-50
We can adjust the length of straight rebar also supply hot rolled round steel 16-50