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Ferrosilicon is an iron alloy composed of silicon and iron. Since silicon and oxygen can easily form silica, ferrosilicon is often used as a deoxidizer in steelmaking. At the same time, silicon dioxide releases a large amount of heat energy when it is generated, which is also beneficial to increasing the temperature of molten steel while deoxidizing. Ferrosilicon can also be used as Alloy additives and reducing agents are used in ferroalloy production and the chemical industry.

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Ferro Silicon  Parameters
No. Product Name Specification Si(%) Mn(%) C(%) Al(%) S(%) P(%) Size(mm)
> < 10-50/60
1 Ferro Silicon FeSi65 65 0.6 0.2 2.5 0.02 0.04
2 Ferro Silicon FeSi72 72 0.5 0.2 1.5 0.02 0.04
3 Ferro Silicon FeSi75 75 0.4 0.1 1.5 0.01 0.035
4 Ferro Silicon FeSi75 75 0.4 0.1 0.5 0.01 0.035
We also supply ferrosilicon granules and ferrosilicon powder, the size can be according to customer requirements